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Create a lasting impact through rosebud fellowship

There are multiple ways to get involved with Rosebud Fellowship.  Membership is open and free to all applicants. You can also give directly via cheque, e-transfer, PayPal or give to the Rosebud Fellowship Endowment Fund.

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Ways to Give

Receipts will be issued under CRA #817369945RR0001

General Operations or Endowment Giving: one addresses immediate needs, ensuring the Fellowship's dynamic presence, while the other secures a stable, flourishing future for the arts and community engagement. Your choice between immediate support and enduring legacy shapes our collective journey, reinforcing the vibrancy and sustainability of our creative mission.


Donate by cheque mailed to:


Rosebud Fellowship

PO BOX 767

Rosebud, AB

T0J 2T0


Donate via e-transfer by sending to:



General Operations: Immediate Vitality

By donating to General Operations, you ensure the Fellowship thrives daily. This support sustains our core activities and ongoing initiatives, from nurturing artistic talent to organizing community events, offering flexibility to address evolving needs promptly.

Endowment Giving: A Visionary Future

Investing in our Endowment signifies your commitment to a lasting impact. It creates a financial bedrock, enabling Rosebud to pursue long-term goals, support arts education, and ensure the continuity of cultural experiences for future generations.

Donations to the Endowment Fund may be given by cheque, e-transfer, PayPal. Please designated from one or more of the following:

  • Rosebud Fellowship Future Operations
  • Ammolite Opera
  • Rosebud Chamber Music Festival

Designations may be allocated for the following organizations. Support from the Endowment Fund is in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and other supplemental giving.

  • Canadian Badlands Passion Play
  • Crest Leadership
  • Rosebud School of the Arts/Theatre