Aaron Krogman

Member of the Board

Aaron Krogman came to Rosebud School of the Arts (RSA) to study theatre in 2004 and continued as a company member with Rosebud Theatre until 2014. In 2011 Aaron began his first of seven seasons with Canadian Badlands Passion Play and marked his fifth time performing the role of Jesus in 2019.

Aaron has an MA from Regent College in Vancouver.  He taught theatre at King's University in 2017. In the summer of 2019, Aaron, and his wife, Elly, and their two daughters moved to Rosebud where he assumed the role of Head of Theatre Foundations at RSA.  

Aaron and Elly have jumped into the Rosebud community with both feet. Elly has been involved with the RCES Board and is now Co-dining Room Manager for the Mercantile. Aaron is a member of the Board of Rosebud Fellowship and is excited by the work RF is doing to support RSA and to further develop the arts in this valley and community, including the growth of both it's membership and the endowment fund.

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